After the Tsunami  Application encouraging rebulid

From Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture. The disaster-stricken area today, to your phone.

Since the earthquake from 11th March number of job offer in IT sector decreased.
In that time, taking Sendai as it's center, Android apps realising association called ' Fandroid EAST JAPAN' was created.
Having stimulation of Tōhoku region's IT sector and making new job oppurtunities for IT specialists from area as it's purpose.
Kayac's Sendai branch office have also taken part in creating it.

After the earthquake Kayac Inc. created a 'On-The-Move Office' that has been operating in Sendai for three months from May to August,
making and realising apps in cooperation with developers from Tōhoku.

The temporary branch office ceased to operate in August but still as Sendai branch office,
in order to support Fandroid EAST JAPAN, Kayac Inc.
now releases an app in order to, even if for a little bit, encourage and accelerate the rebuild.
We've heard many voices concerned that people will forget about that tragedy.
Our app, created in cooperation with photographer from Miyagi, Shiogama,
will contain photos taken at the time of the disaster and later,
showing the chages one month after another updated up to the season of blooming cherries in March.

It is a paid app; sales income is to be donated to Japanese Red Cross

※Total amount of our income comes from 30% of market comissions.


As scheduled, with the photo uploads of March 2012, we have finished the service provision of this application.
Thank you very much for downloading.

It is our pleasure to report that we were able to make a donation to Japan Red Cross thanks to your cooperation.
The final amount of donation was 22,470 yen. (The entire amount after deducting the handling fees of Google Market from the total sales.)
We have donated this entire amount to Japan Red Cross.

This app is no longer available.


By dint of the chronological upstream, we are able to show the actual state of rebuild directly to you.

app image

Live wallpaper whose sparkling lights make your heart feel warm. Tap the screen to make it glitter.

app image

How to Use

  • app image
    1.When you turn on the app turn your camera in the Tōhoku direction,
  • app image
    2.Let's tap a photo!

  • app image
    3. you will see a map of Miyagi, Shiogama.
  • app image
    4.Up until March next year the photos will be change once a month.